I Resigned

It was with great sadness that I “handed in” my resignation as an administrator on the ADSLTech support site the other day, those with keen eyes noticed my links to the forum disappearing from this site and e-mailed me about it – well spotted!

My reasons were more sad though, not as you might expect (pastures new – although more on that later, lack of time, etc. etc.) but changes in Safecom company policy (Safecom host the forum and it is primarily for their products) that literally was designed to make non-safecom administrators feel unwanted and undermined to the extent where they wanted to leave. Clearly Safecom didn’t like people who knew what they were doing who just happened not to “work” for the company being involved. Not only that, but they created a two tier system in which those who knew more didn’t rise to the top but got pushed aside in favour of company rhetoric and this clearly wasn’t going to work well.

Over recent months, relations had been becoming more strained and it was clear that for the long term things were not going to work out. Still, as the longest standing forum administrator posted “It was fun while it lasted”, and indeed they were right. I have had many freebies from Safecom, got involved in a lot of things, been thanked personally (by e-mail anyway) by dozens of users who initially couldn’t get hardware working, been invited to a technology show (although I couldn’t go), and best of all met a superb group of people whom I am fully in touch with and have in fact gone on to design, build and run a new technical support forum, RouterTech as a team. You can read more on the new site in my blog on the subject.

As I said in my resignation; “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.”


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