Life update

Its official; I will definitely be going to see Marlena Shaw live on Saturday as I picked up my tickets today. James will also be coming with me – he’s coming from St. Albans especially for the occasion, and why not indeed, Marlena Shaw is a superb soul singer and it should be an amazing night. I swear its what I’ve been living for this week.

In other news, I’m revising – hard. Spent all day today in the library covering a variety of enthralling topics in the field of computing, most notably recursive algorithms and entity relationship models. Its hard getting into the habit of good quality daily revision, but I seem to be doing ok with it, and with plenty of time to go until the exams I should be fine.

The launch of RouterTech has gone well, and we have already had a number of registrations and support requests. Its going to take a while to bed down, and the team are still getting to grips with the running of such a site, but it’s early days and we’ve all got to start somewhere. I look forward to the day all of us on the team can look back and say the work was worth it.

Business is generally going well; I have had several people contact me over the last few days, some of whom I already knew, some I didn’t, about having websites built. This is always a good thing as it helps to pay for my expensive gig attending habits. It also keeps some of my other sites online and advertising free.

I sign off this post with a number of software development tasks in hand. Most notable is my python project, but as I realised the other day, I have a number of other things on the go that really haven’t seen enough of my attention in recent weeks. Oh well, back to the grind-stone as they say.


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