Back from the boat

Well, I’m back from my stay on Burnaby, tired and covered in anti-foul, but she is ready (just about) to be launched next week for the start of the new sailing season. It was really nice to be working down there in the sunshine, and to get her looking so nice in the end (see pics here). It was cold at night though, and sleeping on board with no heating and only a sleeping bag is not for the faint hearted!

Unfortunatly I am hurtling ever more quickly towards my end of year exams, but with these comes the long summer vacation afterwards, during which I hope to spend many a happy trip out sailing Burnaby. As ever, I will post up pictures of all my trips, and especially any nice shots I capture in the early morning / late evening.

I had my first taste of real summer weather today as I felt the slight breeze and sun warm my back and neck as I polished the hull, and its nice to know that more such nice weather will be gracing us all very soon. Much as I love coding at my computer when its cold outside, there are few things better in the summer months than sitting back in the cockpit of the boat, feeling the wind on your face, the sun on your back and the light spray as she chomps though the swell – bring on the summer 🙂


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