Home and dry

I arrived back from my short break in North Wales yesterday afternoon feeling very refreshed, but also slightly glad to be back somewhere where I wasn’t being rained on every 5 minutes!

That said, I had a really enjoyable time, and in just a couple of full days got in some great walks, slept about 12 hours every night I was there and also took some really rather nice photos with my now aging digital camera, my best shot is attached to the bottom of this posting.

As usual of course, I arrived home to an insane number of e-mails, several voicemail messages and a whole lot of hassle, but then as a good friend once said to me – I bring it upon myself. Still, despite how nice my short break was, its always good to be back 🙂

The sea smashes the coast at Porthor

You can see all my Wales holiday photos in the gallery.


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