phpBB v3 around the corner…

If this post on phpBB announcements is anything to go by, we could soon be using a brand new version of phpBB on future forums we create! It’s all exciting stuff, and the feature list published so far is still non-exhaustive and already seems to provide everything you could want from a bulletin board.

As an avid supporter of phpBB, I implore any bulletin board admins to setup a test board and help out with the testing and bug reporting when the time comes. At the moment its still all in the CVS, but if you are experienced you can join in now as the post suggests.

I will be attempting to port all my mods not superceeded by olympus functions to the new version, and am starting work on this in a week or so’s time. At the very least I need to have an idea about how they will work under the new system. Due to the improved features of Olympus, we can hopefully expect some new features on my CMS system as well. Watch this space 🙂


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