First run wizard

Well, the project has made some good progress since my last posting. MP3 files in a target directory are now being added into a database, which also holds a table for application variables, although this is a yet unused. The schema for the database is now compatable with most databases that take SQL, and the queries have been moved into functions which would be easy to edit in case of future changes.

The GUI is slow going, but with the rest of things falling into place this is now the main focus of the project.

The first run wizard idea was a nifty bit of coding that isn’t quite finished yet, but which I started yesterday. It detects your OS, then looks in the default place in your OS for a config file for the program. If it doesn’t find it it launches a wizard allowing the user to select a name and location for the database to be stored, and the root directory to index. A config file is created and the database is created and loaded with default application variables, a blank set of tables, and the users selected directory is indexed into the tables. All this before the program finally launches. At the moment the “wizard” has no GUI, but it will be easy to add a one window GUI for this, and will make the program run quite nicely.


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