Progress and reality

Progress was made today on the road to understanding how to deal with “struct” in order to extract the track numbers and genre numbers from ID31.0 and ID31.1 tags. My feeling is we are nearly there, just have to learn a little more about types of variable that struct can deal with (aka contacting a C programmer I know!) and the snowball effect to success should start.

The db schema needs a little tweaking, but isn’t far off. I picked up some handy tips in todays DB11 lecture which I hope to apply in some small way to make our database that little bit more refined.

GUI wise, despite recent success with the basics, it has become apparent that the going only gets tougher from here with wxPython due to the distinct lack of documentation. Although slightly more limiting for our desire to acheieve true cross-platform compatability, we have decided to run with GTK the 2.0 version of which is reasonably well supported on Windows, and for which there is a vast amount of useful documentation and example files.


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  1. Kieran Said,

    March 22, 2006 @ 3:59 pm

    More of a self comment really, but in line with recent updates, it was decided to press on and use wxPython after all as a large number of well commented demos have surfaced allowing me to become very familiar with the functions supported in wxPython and begin to apply them in a sensible and usable way to the project.

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