DRM Worries

Was browsing around some blogs I read regularly, and noticed a link to this posting concerning DRM and the new HD technology for high quality video storage. If it’s all to be believed its worrying stuff, and I for one would be agreeing with the post.

While content authors have a right to protect their content, their revenue is based on payments made by consumers for acceptable access to it. If the access is not acceptable, people don’t buy. Its that simple. I think the movie and music industry need to wise up to this fact. I love my music, and spend far too much on it, but I would never buy a DRM’d CD, even if it was music I really wanted. I want my music on CD that will play in my wide variety of players, I want to rip it to my PC so I can play it in amaroK with my other music, I want to carry it around on my MP3 player and copy it to tapes for the few times I end up driving around in a car with no CD player. DRM sucks as it prevents you doing all or most of this, and bringing in a new technology that has even more support for it and even less for non-DRM’d content? No thanks, I’ll pass.

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