Going GUI

Recent dablings in Python have yeilded some rather nice looking results in the form of GUI’s. WxPython seems to be quite easily manipulated, and it was only a matter of time before I was able to get methods to be called upon activating a particular part of the interface. “Tool Tips” telling the user what an option does when the mouse moves over it is almost included by default in the syntax structure and so it was working from the word go.

Currently we have a simpl window, with tool-tips, an about option, ability to close the program from the menu, and an option calling a method that loads a diaolgue to load a group of files from a directory. This we should be able to combine with our tag reading code (when it is finished) and database access code, to enable our first test of indexing a group of files and storing their contents in the database all from a GUI. Fun fun fun! 🙂

Here are some screenies for those who like the eye candy….

About box

Main window

In other python project news, the progression for reading the tags is quite slow, even for ID3v1.0. Although we can read in the Strings ok, the numbers stored as binary are causing us some issues. We are getting these slowly though, and with other parts of the project seemingly going ok, we’re not overly concerned about it. When you spend an hour on a few lines though and get few results, it can be a little frustrating!


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