Work and missed gigs

I have run up against a large amount of coursework lately, but managed to blast through a large quantity of it yesterday, which has given me a little free time to blog a bit, and dabble a little more in the realms of python (see my python project blog!). In fact the work must be taking an unexpected toll on me (at least the large quantity yesterday anyhow) as I went to bed before midnight last night; a first for me in lord only knows how many weeks.

I also seem to have missed a few social events lately; firstly was Fabiano’s birthday dinner on Monday (but that was due to illness), but more importantly was two possible courtney pine gigs, neither of which I went to (wednesdays because it was in York and it’s too expensive to keep getting trains, thursdays in Leeds because the tickets had sold out before I could get any). Apparently I didn’t miss much from Courtney  though as his act was similar to the last time I saw him live, but I did miss some good guitar work from Cameron Piere. I may be able to catch him in London when I am home though, which will be cool.

Hopefully the music scene for me will look up soon. Incognitio in April is still very much a go, and I am trying to decide if to spend £40 on a ticket to see BB King live in the same month (its his last tour). Problem is I have no one to go with…. should I still go? Bearing in mind I have never seen him live and his music is awesome – comments please!

I got a text just today from James saying a friend of his is interested in hitting Leeds for some live jazz in the coming week, and with some good gigs coming up at the Wardrobe (of which I am now a member 🙂 ) it could well spell a good night of jazz on the horizon.

Still unsure if I am going to Manchester tomorrow night….. guess I will have to wait and see if anything comes up.


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