Great party & delayed trains!

Well, after a mostly computer free weekend it’s time to play blog catch up! First and foremost I went back home over the weekend, with the main intention of seeing family and going to Tom and David’s 21st birthday party. All I can say is the party was an awesome night; was great to see so many people there who I hadn’t seen in ages, and the organisation was top notch (I think I have Tom to mostly thank for that!). Met some great people from both Keele and Manchester unis, including someone I originally met at Jamie Cullam in Manchester, who introduced me to someone else from Manchester, Elena, who is really cool and who I will hopefully be able to meet up with again sometime soon 🙂

Had a meal out with my family on Saturady night, and generally used the weekend to catch up with a load of people which is always a good thing. Also got a belated 21st birthday present from Lib, a replacement for my long lost Van Morrison Poetic Champions Compose CD – THANKS!!

Headed back to Leeds on Sunday afternoon, only to find when I arrived at Stevenage station to start my journey that there had been a fatality further down the line (New Barnet for those who know the area) and so all trains to and from London were at a standstill. Anyhow, I bumped into someone else who is at Leeds uni, turned out she had gone to the High School and knew a load of people I knew there (second small world moment!), but we both randomly got on this train heading north that had been turned back from London, with no one on it so we had pick of seats! We got off at Doncaster, and then hopped on this tin-pot northern train that terminated in Leeds, although it stopped pretty much everywhere before getting into Leeds; I think I can safely say I know most of this part of the country by train stations now! Anyhow, 1 and a bit hours later than planned I finally made the station and trudged home, at least it wasn’t raining this time 😉

Overall though it was an awesome weekend, the highlight being Tom and David’s party. I’m very glad I made the effort and took the time to go! 🙂


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