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Had an hours pair programming session with Dan today, just to try and get the feel of reading ID3 tags from MP3s. Well, that was the aim anyhow, we have in fact surpassed that aim, and managed to get a small python script reading ID3v1.0 tags correctly from MP3 files, and also managed to put the building blocks in place to permit operation with ID3v1.1 tags. This is an important step, as once we can read the tags we can index files, and seeing as I have been playing with SQLite extensively, building our first test MP3 library (read-only) could be just around the corner.

With any luck, enabling writing to MP3 files will be completed in an equally short space of time and we can start the GUI and other components. It’s exciting how fast this project has been progressing so far as it opens up the distinct posibility of being able to tackle some of our more interesting (and tougher to implememnt) desirable features 🙂


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