Drenched, but good show

My stand in for James on URY for Jazz Blues Fusion went very well, and I got through some really good music, some of which I have always wanted to get out on air, just have never had the chance. Fabiano joined me for the duration of the show, and we finally got the phone working and had a live phone-in with James, which was pretty cool.

Music wise we went accross the board, but focused mainly on blues for the first half, and then smoother music for the second. If you weren’t listening in on the night, it’s well worth catching it again on URY’s listen again feature. Enjoy 🙂

While the show went fine, my journey home was less than perfect. I stopped off at a campus bar to have a drink with Fabiano before heading to the station. While I was on my way, it started raining, hard. I arrived at the station drenched only to find that the 11:20 had just gone and I had to wait for the 00:26. After a cold hours wait on the platform, still soaked to the skin (the waiting rooms were all shut) the train arrived and I slowly dried out on the way to Leeds. I stepped off the train in Leeds just about dry, when I hear the drumming of rain on the stations tin roof. You guessed it, another soaking for me as a spashed though town and waded ankle deep in muddy puddles along the canal tow-path on my way home. Very soggy I ended up getting to bed at around 1:40. All in a nights work ‘eh.


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  1. James Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 4:17 pm

    I know where to turn if I cannot make another radio show! Most enjoyable it was and you did include the commercial corner feature! In the future, your appearance fee should be paid in umbrellas!;)

    Courtney Pine for £3.50 at York Theatre Royal. I did not know this when booking so I am sitting in the front row at a cool £14 with Fabiano. Courtney better perform or he’ll be heckled!

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