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Just a heads up to all my loyal fans; I will be on URY tomorrow night at 8pm, covering Jazz Blues Fusion for James. This is because he is out with his girlfriend and I refuse to allow the show to miss a week 😉

Please do listen in, I have some quality music lined up from all walks of jazz, blues and fusion, and have selected something for everyone. It’s a special day for many, and that won’t go unmarked; I have a few really special tracks all ready to go which have never been played on URY before. And for those of you who are staying in trying to avoid the chaos that is the 14th, I’ve got some good stuff lined up for you too 🙂

Hope you can join me!


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  1. James Said,

    February 13, 2006 @ 10:07 am

    I’ll be listening back to the show! Good luck for the two hours; remember how quickly it goes!

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