Tux Racer Woes

Just when I thought Linux couldn’t get any better someone showed me Tux racer. How I hadn’t heard about it before I don’t know, after all what could be more fun an addition to ones Linux box than a game that allows you to direct a penguin down a snowy/icy slope at 100 miles an hour catching fish and doing jumps!

Gleefully I installed it, and discovered it ran so slowly that I had to get a cup of tea and come back just to have seen tux start his descent. Ok, so off to apt I go to get some proper drivers for my nVidia graphics card and get my OpenGL working nicely, restart X and wayhey! Speedy tux!

Its amazing, for a non-gamer how fun this is…. suddenly *BLACK*. The screen just shuts off. Box is still running, but shes not responding to commands. I try to kill (and so restart) X, nothing, still off. I try a few commands, nothing. So, I go for the power button. That doesn’t work either. The box is completely locked up hard. With a slight shake in my hand I reach for mains plug – *CLUNK* everything goes off.

I reboot the box and all is well, problem is, this happens everytime I race with tux for a bit. There is no point in the game at which this happens, it just happens after a little while. There is no recovery, its the mains plug everytime.

Google revealed very little in the way of help; all reports indicate that nvidia with normal drivers should run flawlessly. Ah well, looks like I will have to do without Tux and the snowy mountains 🙁

For those who want to see how fun this game looks, here is a screenie, oh and if you want to play on windows – you CAN! Just google tux racer and enjoy – trust, me this game is awesome.

Tux Racer Screen Shot


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