Short Changed

If I gave you a £20 note for goods that were worth £5.45, how much change would I expect in return? £14.55 I hear you cry! Well, not according to a cashier at Morrisons supermarket in Leeds, who proceeded to process my transaction, attempt to converse with two collegues, and sort out her mess of a cash draw at the same time.

She faffed around for some time, then took the £20 note from me, and opened the cash draw, she then opened up a pouch of pound coins and sorted them out, then she sorted my coin change and handed me that and the receipt all the while talking to her buddies about something (I have a receipt and £4.55 in change in my hand at this point). I keep it held out, waiting for the £10 to be placed in it, there doesn’t appear to be one in the cash draw, and she rummages around trying to sort the thing out. She then closes the draw! I immediately say that I need my £10 note, I had to show her the receipt 3 times and even have someone waiting in line tell her to hurry up before I got what was owed to me!

If your going to work in a supermarket, the minimum requirement should be being able to add and subtract monetary sums, after all how much change to give is on the damn register, it’s in front of your eyes, how can you FAIL to get it right!? I think Morrisons need to review their recruitment and staff training policy. Reason 1647: You’ll always get less change than is owed to you.


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