MP3 Tagging Crisis

It seems the choice of SE12 programming project is a wise one; I have recently converted all my MP3s to go nicely on my Linux box. All well and good you might say, after all they sound good, and are nicely ordered in folders by artist, then album and the file names of the tracks include the title and the number of the track on the CD. Problem is, none of that info is in the ID3 tags!

Crisis looms as I am faced with the prospect of having to manually tag well over 10,000 MP3s from hundreds of CDs I have ripped for playing on my computer. All I can say is I’d better get coding in earnest 🙂


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  1. Dan Gravell Said,

    September 16, 2011 @ 3:02 pm

    I guess I’m too late (!) but if anyone else has this problem try Tag & Rename or MP3Tag which can tag from the file names of your files.

    Once that’s done, you need to keep your library internally consistent. Take a look at the software I wrote: . It tries to solve problems like genre explosion and file/folder name inconsistency. I’d like to know what you think…

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