Broken FTP fixed

I broke my ftp server last night. I managed to kill the rogue process(s) that had brought it down, and got proftpd back up, but then the virutal users config file refused to be loaded so no one could log in. I checked the file for corruption, even deleted it completely and re-created it, but it wasn’t having any of it.

In sheer desperation, and because I didn’t want to reboot or anything drastic like that, I killed all ftp processes, including the main on for proftpd, uninstalled the lot using apt, and purged all files related to the application. Upon re-installation it came up ok. I re-instated the config files, and away she went. Draconian I know, but I just have no idea what part of the install wasn’t playing along.

If anyone knows why proftpd might do this, please post a comment. For anyone who has been trying to login, apologies, you should be able to now.


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