Climate change

Picked up a paper in the union shop today, and splashed across the front page once more, the words of warning on climate change. It seems to be one of those topics we must all talk about, but once we’ve talked about it it’s ok to forget about until someone suggests its a good idea to talk about it again. So the cycle goes on.

In many ways its a worrying state of affairs; that a government can be so preoccupied with economic wealth, stability and all the rest of it, that they put it before the welfare of the very planet without which economic policy would be meaningless. You keep hearing these elusive “target dates for reduced emissions”. To me it’s all some big farce – yet another way of putting things off. It’s a bit like a small child who knows they will get in trouble for not doing their homework, but all their friends don’t seem to be doing it, so they don’t either. Problem is the child gets to the point where they realise they don’t have time to do it and so end up getting in trouble. We would like to think that our government were a little bit beyond the age of small children, but it would seem in terms of their attitude on climate change, they haven’t even left nursery.

Let us not forget however that one must lead by example. What appalls me more than some government behaviour on the climate change issue is the people who sit there in their petrol guzzling range rovers, driving for 100 metres to get to the shops and blaming the government for not acting on climate change. They should get off their asses and walk; total hypocrites.

It’s our planet, and its up to ALL of us to contribute to it’s welfare. Failing to do so will leave us all very sorry, but with no way of return. I for one, don’t want to be in that position; Lets get it right.


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