Up early

Its amazing how good it feels to have succeeded in getting up early this morning. Washing is already nearly finished, room is tidy, and a fair amount of reading has already been covered, and it’s not even 9am and its SUNDAY! A far cry from late nights and lost mornings – hopefully it’s here to stay.

Lately things have been rather bitty. Not much going on, but then quite a lot to do when you sum it all together. I’ve had my first week back at lectures and its been a good insight into what is to come; I like it. Perhaps even algorithms with its wanderings into the realm of psudocode will be of interest to me once the course unfolds, we shall see.

My new hard drive for my pc (lara) is now in place so I’m enjoying much faster and more reliable performance now, not to mention more space and less risk of lost work (phew!).

Evenings out, in particular jazz nights, have been quite slow to materialise here in Leeds, which is surprising. I guess it’s a combination of not really knowing whats on and not knowing too many jazz-heads here. Still, I’m sure things will look up. There is jazz at the Grove Inn in Holbeck near the start of February, so thats probably a good starting point 🙂


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