Code, coffee and soul

It’s back into the lecture theatre tomorrow, and taking me there tonight is some fantastic soul from some of the greats. Its really nice sometimes to listen to music that normally doesn’t get an airing, and when you are doing so you realise just how good some quality soul music can make you feel inside.

I’m on my 6th cup of coffee today (yes, you read that right, coffee, not tea!) as I continue to get a new website finished. The style is ragged, but the functions are really rather good. It should get a good reception. On the plus side the hard work means I have been forced to iron out every last bug that isn’t a “lack of features” issue in my CMS for phpBB. This means I will be realeasing it for real, later this week and starting a DEV thread for it on phpBB. Exciting stuff 🙂


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