This is nu York State!

Just got back home after an awesome gig at the Basement Bar in City Screen, York. Went to see nu York State, lead by Danny Gough – an amazing jazz/funk group who really do have a lot going for them. They were also supported by an inspiring soul singer, Jess Gardham. James had been to see her specifically before at a restaurant, and even owns a CD, but I just hadn’t realised how truely talented she was. Really makes me want to dig out some of my soul collection again, not to mention the amazing Sade…

Evenings like this one always re-enforce to me just exactly why I love jazz and music in general so much. I just lost myself in the whole experience and did something I rarely do – danced the whole night! The great thing about it is though, everybody has a go. No one is standing on the sidelines mocking you; its jazz and everyone is enjoying it in their own unique way. I doubt there is much point posting this bit, but if the cute blonde I was dancing with most of the night ever reads this, you were awesome 😉

Spoke to Danny Gough just before the gig, and it looks like he will soon release some new tracks, and maybe even a whole new album. He has had quite a few visits to the recording studio, and we all got a sneak preview of some of the music he is intending to release – stunning stuff, keep up the good work Danny! He also agreed to give an interview with myself and other members of the Jazz and Blues Society on URY, so watch this (and a few other) space(s) for news on that one.

My few days of long and enjoyable nights out (seemingly involving either music, drinking and enthralling conversation) is fast running out, but the best is yet to come; tomorrow sees me taking a trip to the hi-fi club here in Leeds with a group of people from computing. That should be really cool, there is a live band and DJs until late. After that it’s moderately speaking back to the grind-stone as my lectures start back on Monday. Ah well, these things can’t last forever 😉

A final big shout out to all those people I saw today in York, especially those running the Jazz and Blues Society. Its been a while (too long for some of you) and it was both great to see you and great to see how well you’ve been doing with managing the society and all that entails since I’ve been gone – I’m really proud, you people really are fab 🙂


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