Exams over, great night out!

Awsome in two senses really; my January exams finished yesterday, and they all seemed to go pretty well so I was happy with that. Got my first pint in as many weeks straight way afterwards with a few friends so that was cool, then straight up to York to see some more people.

Ended up that we just went to JJs bar in Halifax, bumped in to a load of committee people (ah, the memories!) and got really rather drunk there. We then weaved our way back through Halifax college, talking to random people and getting free beer from houses. One stolen traffic cone later and a stagger back to Goodricke college we ended up in Laura’s kitchen chatting with some people we had met just outside the block till I had to leave for the (2:14, Eeep) train home. It was a good night and great to see a load of people, both those for the first time and especially those I hadn’t seen in a while. See you all again soon! 🙂

In other news today, I got up early so I would be in time for the 10am closing time of the site office so I could check if my hard drive or RAM has arrived. Neither have. Grrrr. This means my PC is still in a state of slowness with data loss iminant. How long does it take to deliver something that was dispatched the same day it was bought which was over a week ago…..? Still, now I’m up I may as well stay up, despite the fact I am running on empty and am going out again tonight. I have a large amount of stuff to get through, and have to meet James in York at 5pm. Will I get it all done by Monday? You bet 😉

Big shout out to all going to see nu York State tonight in York, it’s going to be a great laugh, and for all those who want to see about the only time it’s possible for he who can’t dance to dance, now is your chance!


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  1. Laura Said,

    January 21, 2006 @ 2:47 pm

    Hey, yes we were very drunk and woke up a lot of people on Thursday. I had a great time and we really should get that drunk sometime. BUT i only have one point….quotes, you still haven’t done it for me yet. Love you and Enjoy Saturday!! 🙂

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