Birthday over

It came and went in a flash. My birthday was yesterday and I spent almost all of it finishing an essay. Ah well, at least the essay is handed in now. I’m going out on 19th January as a late celebration because my exams will be over by then. All the people I know in Leeds are welcome to come along, and of corse anyone who feels like coming down to Leeds from York 😉

Big thanks for all the calls, cards, texts and e-mails – much apreciated; my skype really does work, it’s marvellous.

In other news my new 19″ monitor is arriving today, and I swear I’m going to have the best PC setup in my block now. 2Gb RAM, 2 x 300Gb hard drives, the new flat screen 19″ monitor and a 128Mb nvidia GeForce 4 graphics card. Lara is going to be very happy 😉


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