Bird Flu Concerns

It can’t have escaped many peoples attention lately that bird flu has dominated the headlines. Not only that, but concerns over the potential of it spreading, and worse still mutating so it can be passed from human to human, appear to be on the rise.

The point I have to make though is one a little more down to earth and less panic-stricken. To all those people who have been e-mailing the BBC with major concerns about the virus coming to the UK, get a life. If it comes here, so be it, but you’ve just got to deal with these things as and when you are faced with them, after all its not like we all keep a dosen chickens in our back gardens is it? The chances of the virus in it’s current form affecting many humans is so low its not worth mentioning. Let the scientists do their work to ascertain risks etc. before you panic, and if you must worry about something, then let it be the amount of carbon we are shooting up into the atmosphere, third world povety or something of a similar nature.  Those are our real concerns, as they are real, proven and yet we still sit around doing nothing about them. People have died from this virus, and here we are wondering if we can still have a couple of eggs sunny side up on a sunday morning. It’s beyond a joke. People should be a little less selfish, a little more thoughtful and worry a little less, after all life is short – you could get hit by a bus tomorrow; why wait by the road today, worried, wondering if it might happen?


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  1. James Said,

    January 10, 2006 @ 11:16 am

    Currently, I believe there are not enough inoculations to protect UK citizens against bird flu. Thus, if bird flu starts spreading further and hits the UK, would you be willing to sacrifice your immunisation if the odds are so low 😉

  2. Kieran Said,

    January 10, 2006 @ 6:45 pm

    This is true; but its unimportant. The drug they are stockpiling is tamiflue which at best has a limited capacity against the virus. By the time it reaches us that drug may well not work – it’s already showing signs in people that its not as effective as predicted it should be.

    Therefore, if it does hit the UK, there are two outcomes:-

    1. It is not passable between humans still. This means that there is plenty of vaccine so no problem.

    2. It mutates and is passed between humans. The vaccine isn’t designed for this so we are all doomed anyway 😉

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