Danny Gough & nu York State

Danny Gough & nu York StateThe York Jazz and Blues society organised a trip out to see nu York State, a new York based band lead by Danny Gough. The event was in the basement bar at the city screen cinema in the town centre. As reviewed on URY, this music is new, fresh and a very exciting form of jazz. If you didn’t think you would be into jazz, this will turn your head around. There are a variety of performances coming up, keep an eye on local press!

As shown in the picture, the informal setting of the basement bar always helps to enhance the music for the audience, not least because of the proximity to the audience and at this performance, the space to jive along with the music in front of the stage. nu York State are selling a whole new type of jazz here; I was surprised by how mellow, and yet vibrant the sound was the whole time – mixing subtle rap inputs with soulful sax – this group pack a serious jazz punch. It was also nice to feel a part of the meaning of the music too. As a young group they seem to have a large amount of feeling for the student population and the concept of rolling with it, moving on in life and indeed life lessons. These shine through in the vocal and instrumental sound of the music – “You’ve gotta keep driving!”.

The support band who appeared before nu York State left something to be desired as far as my ears are concerned, but then I’m not the authority on everything, and it’s definitely worth sitting through while waiting for Danny Gough to start the party. If you want to support a local group who have the potential to make it big in the jazz scene, this is the group to catch live. Fresh, modern and in touch with how you feel about life; nu York State are the group to see!


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    November 7, 2007 @ 4:32 pm

    […] Our next event major event sees Danny Gough’s nu York State play the mine bar on 27th November so do remember to keep the date free, book your tickets and stay tuned to our website and mailing list for regular updates! If you want to read a review of nu York State you can read one I wrote a while back but they have most certainly got better since then. […]

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