The gates are open

Glancing out of my window this morning revealed the electric gates on the complex of flats where I live are stuck open, for both entry and exit. Most people would think this was some kind of power failure, but I think they have left them open deliberately to allow the free flow of traffic as students start arrving back after the Christmas break. On the plus side it gives me something to talk about, and may in fact mean some people arrive in my flat soon 🙂 On the down side I am going to have my revision intermingled with Bach on the hi-fi interrupted by doors slamming, cars engines going and people running around all over the place. Ah well, such is life!

Stayed up rather late last night having a rather bizarre MSN conversation with someone I hadn’t spoken to in over 3 years, good fun and enjoyable though – if you are reading this, you have an e-mail waiting from me…

As a result of my being up late I got messaged by Laura asking why I was up so late, and then in turn asking why I hadn’t yet blogged about our night out on Thursday. Laura, the gossip and interesting musings are coming very soon 😉


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