Fire alarm

I was rudely awakened this morning at 7:45 by the fire alarm. We all tramped outside in the sub-zero temperatures to find someone had been cooking rice and it had caught on fire in one of the ground floor flats. Now on the one hand it was all alright because it got me out of bed, and they put the rice out with a fire extinguisher, but my main point here is who the hell would be cooking rice at 7:45am!? It beats me it really does. Still these are the strange ways of student halls I shall have to get myself used to.

In other halls news today; the poor wording of kitchen notices by staff. I went into the kitchen this morning to find a notice on the pin board, probably left in all kitchens by the cleaning staff at 7am. It read: “Could you please DO NOT place glass items in the kitchen bin”. The reason they gave was due to a member of staff being cut with broken glass, which I have no problem with. My problem is that in a world of instant grammar and spell checks, how could they have printed that out, copied it 100 times, and put it up all over the place and NOT noticed the fact that the word “DO” should not have been in that sentence? Someone needs to be hung, shot, or at the very least ridiculed for this stupidity *sigh*


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