What is it about Oxbridge?

My sister has just been “pooled” in her application to Cambridge univeristy after waiting a very long time after the interview for a response. When you wait this amount of time I personally feel you expect a definitive answer, and after having spoken to my sister on the phone, she really does feel she is in an unfair and unecesary limbo. To quote her own words: “Surely they could have used the last 6 odd weeks to pass my application round to other colleges and see if they could offer me a place or not? Why can’t they get their act together?”

The question I have been asking myself over the last half an hour or so since that converstation is why do they think they can get away with treating people like this. Some people don’t take waiting for ages very well, especially when they thought they were going to know sooner. Now although it messes up the holidays, I guess bar the frustration it doesn’t matter all that much keeping you waiting over Christmas and new year for an answer. What about when you are back in school trying to study though? Surely this can’t be fair – after all, Cambridge is supposedly the hub of academic acheivement! It’s just harsh really, and for all those having to wait like this while they return to school, I feel for you.

My response to my sister, and in fact all those who have either been pooled or rejected from Cambridge or Oxford universities this morning is this:-

  1. Don’t worry; they don’t know you like you know yourself – you have other choices, you can do well without them!
  2. You are likely to start to get offers through from other institutions now; after all you got your own application off early for Oxbridge so other places haven’t had as long to consider yours.
  3. Almost all universities, with the right amount of study and commitment from yourself, can offer an outstanding degree to you at the end of the day which is sure to make you employable.
  4. Be positive. In the end you *still* have your whole life before you and there is really no limit to what you can do with that……


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