Imagine a sunrise

I don’t think I could have imagined the beauty of the sunrise I saw on Monday morning at 6am. I had to get a few things sorted before the start of my day on campus and so got up at 6 and opened the blinds to see the houses… [ Read More ]

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Society no-show

I almost feel guilty about ranting on this subject but at the same time it really does need to be said. When we take the time and effort to organise going to a gig for jazz and blues society its not a nice situation when no one turns up…. [ Read More ]


Calendar for WordPress v1.1 released

I am pleased to announce the release of the new improved calendar for WordPress, version 1.1. In addition to the previous features the calendar now supports recurring events on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis as well as the ability to specify a time of day for the events… [ Read More ]


When I’m cleaning windows

Ages ago I caught a snippet of a song over the radio. It was a comedy song, clearly taken from some kind of television show, and all I knew was it was something to do with cleaning windows. By complete chance I came accross a link on Google to… [ Read More ]

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Crazy name but brilliant band. That is a one line summary of the gig at the Wardrobe last night that I caught the second half of. The Leeds Jazz and Blues society are going to see this group in a weeks time however I wanted to give a brief… [ Read More ]


Bones at Hi-Fi

Another great Sunday lunch at Hi-Fi and another superb band to go along with it. Last Sunday the Jazz and Blues society were once again at hi-fi and this time enjoyed the musical talents of the Bones band. The raport with the audience was brilliant, and we were soon… [ Read More ]


LUU free speech again

I didn’t think I’d have to write about this again but apparently I have to because there is still a problem with free speech in LUU, a bigger problem in fact than I had previously mentioned or even imagined. To cut a long story short and get onto the… [ Read More ]

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Congratulations Laura

Just wanted to make a quick post to congratulate Laura Bolton on getting engaged. I hope you and Anthony will be very happy together and wish you all the best for the future. Be sure to let me know when the wedding is!


Facebook API photo uploading

More news from the facebook development camp, this time with respect to photo uploading on Facebook. So what is it all about I hear you cry, well essentially they have added libraries to the API that will allow software developers to upload photos to facebook from outside of facebook… [ Read More ]

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Lunar Eclipse

In case people hadn’t noticed on the news there was a lunar eclipse last night. This is where the Earth blocks the path of the Sun’s rays from falling on the moon apart from the light that filters through the Earth’s atmosphere meaning the moon glows a beautiful copper… [ Read More ]

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