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Home with family

Starting this weekend I’m back home with my family. Its been three months since I was last back in St. Albans and its nice to take a break from the daily grind in Leeds and catch up with things back here. Just today alone I had a meal with my parents and chatted to a few friends on the phone who I hope to meet up with in the coming days. I had a tripod delivered to the house this morning (bargain on amazon) so I hope to be able to take some time out and work on my photography as well. As ever contacting me will be a little more sketchy than usual so please bear with me if I take a little while to get back to your e-mail or return your call. I hope everyone else has a good Easter break wherever you might be.

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Family Photos

Christmas TreeOn Christmas day I went a little mad with the camera so there are a fair few photos from this years family Christmas knocking about on my computer. I’ve picked a few of them and popped them into the Family Christmas 2006 gallery for you all to look at. It was a very enjoyable day and nice to be with the nearest and dearest. There is another family gathering tomorrow so there will probably be some shots of the wider family going up into the gallery when I get home afterwards.

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Congratulations Hannah

Huge congratulations go out to Hannah who recently got elected onto the Goodricke College JCRC at York University. It’s a fulfilling experience to sit on a college committee and I hope she enjoys working for Goodricke as much as I did for Halifax.

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Up the minster

Yesterday I took another jaunt into York with Hannah, this time to meet up with James Flinders and a few other friends and we climbed up the Minster cathedral central tower. Amazingly it was the first time I had ever done this despite having been in York for over two years as a student. It was amazing what views you could see and how much of the city and surrounding areas I could recognise from the height. Hannah found it quite useful in seeing where all the streets were and I, as usual, got some fairly good photos.

After treking it up the minster we went to Betty’s tea rooms. This is another “must do” for all who visit York, but an added bonus for me was that I got to meet up with Alannah who I hadn’t seen in ages, over a year in fact! The great thing was it was like I had never left and we enjoyed chatting about everything and anything as we used to do in on a regular basis. We promised to keep in touch better which should be really good if we manage what with the busy lives we both lead.

The great thing about the day really though was the benefit it gave to Hannah. It seemed that meeting people still studying at York with different views, opinions and favorite things to me really cemented her wish and keen-ness to study at York and her confidence she would meet loads of great people and have an awesome time. This is brilliant and is certainly the best way to be approaching going to uni.

To finish the day off with icing on the cake as it were I caught a glimpse of an absolutely wonderful sunset over the river Ouse on our way back to the station. It was so beautiful that I’ve had to post it here rather than just leaving it in the gallery of the outing. A great and to a great day :)

Sunset over the River Ouse in York

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Off to Farnham

I’m just about to hop in the car and head down to Farnham. Dan and Rie’s wedding is tomorrow, but I’m going to stay with Grandpam for tonight and have a meal out this evening and catch up. I chatted with her a little at a recent family gathering, but what with me being all over the place a lot of the time it will be nice to have the chance to catch up properly.

The wedding tomorrow is a very special occasion for Dan and Rie and their families and it will be a pleasure to join others in wishing them both all the best. As usual I will have my camera with me and will be taking a fair few photos of the occasion. Blog and a link to the photos to follow on Sunday when I return to Leeds.

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Meal with family

I went out this evening for a meal with my family. I say a meal – it was only pizza express – but it was an evening out none the less. I bother to mention it in my blog because it marked the beginning to quite an interesting situation. This being Hannah and myself both being away at university and my parents having the house completely to themselves for most of the time.

This hasn’t happened in over 21 years (yeah, yeah, my fault I hear you all cry but Hannah has caused it to continue for the last 3 years rather than me ;)) so I guess it is quite a unique occasion. Not only that but it means that the norm will no longer be an evening family meal with at least Hannah (and sometimes me when I’m down South) present, but in fact just my parents. It was for this reason we went out because with me going to Leeds soon and Hannah to York a simple family meal with all four of us will become a rarity rather than normality. I can’t say I’ve really given it much thought until tonight, but I guess for my parents this really is the end of an era.

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Family gathering

Today I went along to a family gathering for Grandpam’s 80th birthday. It was really good to see some members of the family which I hadn’t bumped into in ages and speak to those who I often find it difficult to get in touch with due to being in Leeds. Some people I hadn’t seen in so long and/or had been so young at the time of last meeting them that I had to be reminded who they were. I must say its rather embarasing when that happens, but never mind.

While I was tempted to attribute my tiredness at the end of the day to a reduced amount of sleep last night (I picked Hannah up from a club at gone 3am in the morning) I realised that it was running around in the garden playing football with Jack and Samual (the little cousins as we call them) that caused it – clearly it can be extremely tiring! *Makes mental note to drink more coffee before future gatherings where playing football is required*

As with many events I took a fair few photos of the occasion as well.

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Congratulations Hannah

Huge congratulations go to Hannah O’Shea for achieving the 3 A grades required to gain entry to the English department at York University. Further to these superb grades Hannah also managed to achieve a 100% mark on her English A2 papers and a distinction in a history extension paper. I’m sure others will join me in wishing her the very best of luck at university. With the ability to achieve grades like that she is sure to go a long way. Drinks on me when I’m next home :)

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